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Poultry Insect Control

The most common parasitic insects in poultry are poultry lice, mites, litter beetles, bedbugs, chiggers, and flies. The majority of these insects live on the skin and feed on skin debris, feathers, and blood which can lower growth rates, reduce egg production, and could cause debilitation and death of the birds in heavy infestations. Poultry houses can also be a breeding source flies which are carriers of poultry diseases. 

Most recently, litter beetles (Darkling Beetles), especially the lesser mealworm, have become the most serious pest affecting poultry production because of their high reproductive rate. Litter beetles are difficult to control, carry disease, cause considerable damage to insulation in poultry facilities, and may migrate to nearby urban housing areas. Heavy infestations are also known to consume considerable amounts of feed. Litter beetles feed on poultry carcasses and are vectors of several diseases such as Marck's disease, avian flu, salmonella, fowl pox, coccidiosis, botulism and New Castle disease. Poultry can eat litter beetles and transmit this diseases throughout the population.

Mites, especially northern fowl mites, are very serious external parasites of poultry. Blood feeding mite populations can buildup quickly, especially during cool weather. Mites can feed off of birds for more than 2 weeks and can survive in houses that are temporarily empty.

Applying insecticides with an A1 Mist Sprayer after the building is emptied and thoroughly cleaned will reduce parasitic insect and beetle numbers. Residual insecticides can be applied to the soil after the litter is removed and in areas where migration occurs. Disinfectants and insecticides should never be applied at the same time because each may destroy the toxic property of the other. 

House flies are the most common fly pest in poultry operations. Blow flies and house flies may also become a problem. House flies normally are not biting poultry, but can spread some poultry diseases. A1 Mist Sprayers can be used in space treatment applications of fly resting areas to quickly knock down a growing fly population. Mist Sprayers are also used in residual fly control applications of building surfaces and outdoor shaded areas.


Poultry Barn Mist Blowers
Photo Courtesy of Chicken Farmers of Canada

Poultry House Debris Blower


This Poultry House Blower is a Fast & Economical way to clear debris from poultry confinement structures.

Photo Courtesy of USDA


Poultry Barn
Cleaning & Disinfection

An A1 Mist Blower can be used in your Poultry Facility Cleaning & Disinfection Program to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites!

You will remove all organic material (i.e., manure, blood, feed, and carcasses) after depopulating your facility. You can use the A1 Mist Blower to blow dust and other material from the rafters and other surface areas of the building prior to moving on to your wet clean up process. After you have completed the wet clean up, the A1 Blowers can be used to help dry the surfaces areas quickly to prevent or reduce bacteria onset and buildup. 

The Disinfection process is where the efficiency and effectiveness of the A1 Mist Sprayer will be a major help and time saver for you in reducing or killing pathogens in the structure. Mist Blower applications for bacteria, fungi, and viruses will help you cover all surface areas completely with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Use The 3-Point Terminator For Disinfection And Insect Control


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